Benefits to Space Owner

Our Screen, Your Space, Ups the Game

You heard it right, everything with Fairconnects will benefit you. We believe in forging mutual bonds of trust and benefit. With the increasing popularity of programmatic digital out of home systems, more advertisers have come to believe in it. A plethora of benefits that these human-like interactive screens bring have improved user engagement. The more gazes an advert gets; the more a business thrives. Whether the installer, the space owner or the brand.

As per the recent WARC report, globally, OOH is the second-fastest growing medium in 2021. And experts in the field expect this rally in India as well. The number of DOOH screens has grown more than fivefold in the last few years. And advertisers have started looking for smarter and more accountable advertising.

Wondering still how is it relevant to you? It’s simple. If you are a major public place- a mall, an airport, a railway, a city midway, a stadium, a ticket counter, a highway, or any other. Since the digital advert world is flourishing, being a space in this world will be a boom to your business.

Fairconnect will simplify it for you, by saving you the efforts to find brands that are pioneers in the sphere of digital advertising. A profit-sharing between us the installer and you the space owner will become a new trend in out-of-home advertising.

Remember – Our Screen, Your Space, Ups the Game.