Digital Signage Proves to be an Engaging Tool

Digital marketing is the next gen of advertising around the globe. While we might have come across the benefits it brings to the business owners, advertisers, and customers- It is time we talk facts.

Globally, the digital ad spend grown by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% in the year 2013-2017 and kept increasing from there. In 2020, the revenue generated by digital advertising across India was around 199 billion Indian rupees!! Making it the third-largest advertising market in the world for ad spend. And the digital revenue is believed to reach 540 billion rupees by the fiscal the year 2024.

Having said this, it becomes crucial for advertisers to set a firm foot in the competitive market and improve their ROI. A simple gateway to which is digital signage. Here’s why:

Helps in Reach

The more they remember your brand, the more they’ll buy from you.

Visual Effect

Digital signage can add a lot of value to your business. For the simple reason- they are visual.

Helps in Persuasion

  • Presentations that have visual content is 43% more persuasive than those without it
  • Digital signage has increased brand awareness by 47.7%

Helps in Engagement

Helps in Creating Open Dialogues

Dialogues open gateway to motivation, better work ethics, and efficiency. And digital displays can make them interesting and involving.

If this does not prove the efficiency of the tool, what does? Thinking about digital signage?
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