New Age & Innovative
Digital Signage Solutions
for Brands and Spaces
Engage audiences with digital signage and empower administrators
Engaging audiences with digital signage and empowering administrators
with remote, real-time content management. Eliminating the labor-intensive
traditional method of printing, Fairconnects signage gives you the ability to
switch to Programmatic Digital Out of Home screening systems.
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Applicable to All Major Public Places

Malls and stadiums
City midways
Ticket counters

Digital Signage has Taken the World of Digital Advertising an Extra Mile.

It has compelled the audience to interact with the adverts. It is impacting lives in real-time. And no wonder it is bringing opportunities for businesses like never before!

Daily Commuter
Monthly Commuter
Regular Commuter
Unique Commuter a Month

Explore Possibilities of Serving Financial Capital of Country

Our Presentation on Mumbai Local and its Daily Commuters Statistics

Witness the Revolution in
Digital Signage Content Display

Not just display screen, but an interactive medium

The screens can not only show but talk one-on-one with people.

Maximum control and fully customizable

Even ads can be custom made. Liberty to update, change, and manage display content via a centralized system.

Improved user experience better brand recall

Who forgets a great interaction? The more people talk to your brand, the more they’ll remember it.

Your Brand is Not a Product.
It is an Emotion

There are something’s rightly said, “you cannot buy engagement, you have to build engagement.” That’s what makes a brand great. An engagement that is beyond just brand awareness. And Fairconnects strives to meet this goal for its brands.

We help brands not only to be known among its customers, but also to be seen, felt, and remembered. And we accomplish this goal by our digital signage advertising system. Digital screens that allow customers to interact with your brand in real-time. It provides a compelling solution to all your “how’s?” How to Improve customer interaction? How to increase brand recall? How to interact with the customers in the virtual world? Digital signage makes you look as real as you are.

We associate with major public places for our digital installations so that we attract maximum customer traffic. And we ensure that we convey the best customizable brand experience.

Real Time and Quick Control
to Displayed Content

Discarding the traditional method where administrator is rendered helpless in the hands of pre-recorded content. Fairconnects gives advertisers the power to customize, update, or change the display content rapidly by a centralized system.

Be. The. Control

Technically Equipped
to Stay Ahead of Time

  • ✓ Ultra HD content display
  • ✓ Controlled remotely
  • ✓ Equipped for high speed streaming
  • ✓ Supports all media formats

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