With the help of digital signage, advertisers can go the extra mile for their product display. They can be at the place where they need to be. Anyway, what’s extraordinary without a little extra! Moving display screens engage a moving audience.

Digital Signage at a Glance

Digital signages are a network of electronic displays that are individually addressable to display animation, video messages, or text- giving the liberty to update and modify the display content by a centrally controlled system.

They serve the functions of outdoor advertising, exhibiting, marketing, wayfinding, and entertainment. You can find them at various public places such as transportation hub, convention centres, healthcare centres, restaurants, malls, highways, and many more.

What Fairconnects Offer?

We offer multiple advertising properties to the advertisers on our digital installations- including

visuals, audio-visuals, H-band, ticker/scroll text, and others.

We understand that advertisers are always on a budget – and that’s why! We offer you a variety of customizable options. Ensuring you don’t compromise on the quality of advertising. Our display screens exemplify high definition, stability, and appropriate screen size for a perfect visual treat!

The Unique Exhibit of Your Communication

First time in the history of Mumbai, we connect you to the “Mumbai’s Lifeline”-EMU LOCAL TRAINS!!

Our presence is felt on the Western line of Mumbai’s EMU locals where millions of commuters travel day-in and day-out.

Our Infotainment screens are strategically installed in each coach and are proving to be a game-changer in the world of digital advertising.