5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Your Business Model

If given a chance, what will you pick? Simply reading a text, or watching, listening, and feeling!! Our brain engages faster with what it sees. It processes visuals 60,000 times more quickly than text. No wonder! Why interactive media has taken a toll on the digital world. Here are ways how you can use digital signage as a hoot to your business!


Take advantage of your location. Don’t pay extra to put a message on a billboard.

  • Put a digital sign on the sidewalk or facing the street through a window.
  • Once your customers are inside, showoff your properties, plans, media handles, and other locations you are available. Captivate them.


Seize the opportunity. Once the customers are inside, start educating them about your brand.

  • Put your best product, services, and promotions in the center through signage. The benefit of signage is if services change, you can readily update the screen.
  • Signs can only say so much. Show your product in action. Make demos or infomercial to display new and challenging to explain products.
  • Use them to display industry news, updates, and policy changes. Some might read, but everyone sees.


If you entertain customers, they’ll stay more, the wait time will seem shorter, and they’ll come again.

  • Tell your brand’s personal story. Tell you’re behind the scenes teamwork. Appeal emotionally.
  • We don’t mean to entertain them by putting on TV. That does not reinforce your branding. Use signage to display popular content that aligns with your brand. Not just anything.

Promote. Sell. Highlight

Highlight important details that are hard to find on the product label. Save money and sell more.

  • Save money on print signage every time there is a new promotion campaign.
  • Show testimonials, show product reviews. 88% of customers trust online reviews
    more than anything.


There can be a bonus! While digital signage can be a free advertising medium for your business. It can be paid one for others.

  • You can generate an additional revenue stream. You can provide some of your signage real estate to other non-competing brands.

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